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The early parts of the design process typically aren’t glamorous, however, they can be rather interesting. Clippings—think collage or cutting room floor—are a way of documenting that mess. This idea originated as a twitter thread which was inspired by Meg Lewis.

Meg had this ongoing thread where whenever she would open her camera on her phone and it had the front facing camera activated by default, she would take a selfie and share it not matter how silly the angle was. These clippings are the front facing, “unflattering” selfies of work in progress letters.

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How to draw a saber-toothed “3”:

  • Rotate the “2” and cut it half
  • Paste in the bottom half of the “S”
  • Combine them

Realizing that I never posted this dented “n”

Working with Sean O’Connor on font production/character set expansion of a custom font.

I promise I didn’t leave the ampersand like this.

Why does this remind me of the scream mask?

Those outer curves actually looks quite nice.

The beginnings of a “B?”

Extrapolated “a” goes hard

me: ✍
s: 🥴

Haven’t shared one of these in a while.

*saves for later*

Not as promising.

There might be something here.


Sincerely an accident.

Very much an accident, but there is something really interesting happening here just waiting to be uncovered.

Ah yes, the graceful beginnings of drawing an S.