Morning Type is the type foundry and font production studio of Matthew Smith based in Brooklyn, New York.

This is a test of some text in the margin. How neat is that? Well, unless you’re looking at this on a mobile device.

Howdy, Matthew here. I have been putting off building a new site for a while now. Launching a whole new site all at once can be really daunting, so I thought maybe I would go the opposite direction and just build it in public.

If you want to know when the site is done or when new fonts are released then you can subscribe to the newsletter using the form below. And if you need to get in touch, you can email me at info (at)

A gray placeholder image that just says 1600x900

This is some text about the image above. Seriously. Have you seen before? It’s a fun resource. I’ve been using it since high school I think.

I’ll eventually get around to adding some fonts on here, but let me figure out the layout first. Although, as I write this I am thinking that maybe I should start with the actual content first and then build the layout. Whatever, we’ll figure it out eventually.