Morning Type offers a couple of different RSS feeds so you can subscribe specifically to the content you’re interested in.

All of the cards below link to their respective XML feeds. If you aren’t sure how to use RSS, then I suggest searching “How to use RSS” through your preferred search engine.

I will eventually write in more detail about how I use RSS, but that will have to come at a later time. But in case it helps you get started, the short of it is: copy any of the links below and paste them into your preferred RSS reader—I personally use NetNewsWire.

Disclaimer: these feeds may not work entirely correct at the moment. Everything is a work in progress. For more nuanced updates, check the log.


All of the feeds below and any future feeds in one place.

Blog (Coming eventually)

Articles, essays, interviews, and other long form writing.

Fonts (Coming eventually)

Notifications for new font releases.


In progress fonts, scrapped ideas, research, helpful links, and more.