Having always wondered how fonts sell or how much it costs to even run a foundry, I am making a lot of this information public.

Morning Type is not my full-time job nor is it my source of financial dependency. Because of this I have fairly low financial expectations for it at the moment. However, I also have very high standards for the work I’m willing to publish. While this mixture does not bode well for profitability, I am using it as an opportunity to be extremely transparent.

And because Morning Type isn’t driven by profit margins, I can do things like donate 5% of all income to my local community or to the people that build tools that I rely on to do my work.

While Morning Type isn’t a financial “success” at the moment, this might serve as an opportunity for you to see it become that. Or perhaps I am just giving you a front row seat in watching it sink. Either way, I hope it will be educational.

This page was last updated on December 4, 2022.