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This website is currently a work in progress. After a few years of “coming soon”, I came to terms with the fact that I will never have the time to sit down and develop the new site in one sitting. So a few months ago I threw perfection to the wind and decided to start developing the site publicly.

Screenshot of the Morning Type website. It doesn't have any styling and uses the default css settings with the exception of a max-width being applied to the text. It reads: “Morning type. Howdy! Matthew here. (The person behind Morning Type.) I have been putting off building the new site for a while now. Launching a whole new site all at once can be really daunting, so I thought maybe I would go the opposite direction and just build it in public. If you want to know when the site is done or when new fonts are released then you can subscribe to the newsletter using the form below. And if you need to get in touch, you can email me at info (at)”

State of the Morning Type website on May 14, 2022.

Despite having designs for the website drawn for years now, finding the time and motivation to start implementing them felt impossible. But once I stripped all of the styling, and decided to embrace an incremental design process it started to feel achievable.

After stripping the site in May, I started sharing a few screenshots on Twitter as I chipped away at development. But I have always wondered if there was a better way to document this progress or share any site related updates for that matter.

Then yesterday, Álvaro shared Hipertipo’s website with me. You would think that after running the Type Foundry Directory for a few years that I would know of every type foundry, but to my surprise I was not familiar with Gustavo’s site.

I noticed the site url was stationed on a “fonts” subdomain, so I instinctively removed the “fonts” to see if there was more to Gustavo’s site. Pleasantly surprised again, it brought me to the Hipertipo Log: notes and updates about the world of Hipertipo.

Gustavo has used the log to share small design notes, website updates, thoughts on licensing, roadmaps, and more. This is the exact sort of content I love! But as I think through what the Morning Type blog/articles will entail, I don’t think this type of content fits in with what I am envisioning. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t exist.

If the articles section of the site is dedicated to longer forms of documentation such as process, essays, etc. then perhaps the log can house bite sized and perhaps more informal documentation?

So here it is. The start of the Morning Type log.

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